Terms and Conditions for Bursary Applications

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of the United Kingdom.
  • Applicants must have some degree of diagnosed hearing loss.
  • Applications must be verified by a qualified Sponsor.
  • The Sponsor must NOT be related to the applicant and should be able to verify the degree of hearing loss and its impact on the applicant’s ability to further their education.
  • The Trust will only consider applications that will support studies at Higher or Further Education, including Vocational or Leisure studies.
  • The Trust will generally grant up to a maximum of £500 per application.
    (Higher amounts may be considered at the discretion of the trustees.)
  • Applicants may submit a further application on or after the anniversary of receipt of their previous grant.
  • The Trust will consider supporting applicants when purchasing:
    Books, equipment (including ICT), software, sports kit, special clothing. Other one-off costs will be considered (e.g. volunteering activities in UK or overseas).
  • The Trust will NOT subsidise costs of interpreting, living, child care, courses (including BSL), ongoing or recurring costs, including travel expenses, hire or rental charges and personal tuition fees.
  • The trustees of the Trust must not be involved in the submission of the application.