Robert, West Yorkshire

The bursary I received enabled me to carry out field work as part of my studies, in particular my geological mapping project dissertation, in the Lake District. I was able to purchase the equipment I required including: a GPS device, communication devices, geological hammer, waterproof clipboard, waterproof notebooks, hiking and waterproof equipment and towards accommodation and transport. Without the bursary I would have struggled to complete the tasks, with the bursary I was able to complete my dissertation.

I have just graduated with a 1st class honours degree in geology. The bursary was a great help in assisting me achieve my goals, for which I am very thankful.

Robert (Edge Hill University)

P.S. The photograph was in my geological mapping project area.

The photograph was in my geological mapping project area in the Lake District

RW, Lancashire

I would like to thank you for the cheque you recently sent to me to help with my costs for books for my course.

As I was bought up in the care system I never had the opportunity to access further or higher education as I was expected to go out and work which I have always done, it was only recently I was able to pursue a lifelong passion and access a degree course.

Your support has boosted my confidence and made a real difference to my life.

Thank you so much.

Georgie P, Bradford

The opportunity to go to Nepal was given by my head of year at my school, Mary Hare School. There were 16 students and 5 members of staff. The school partnered with an organisation called VOLUNTEARS on a three week trip in July 2017.

During the trip we did volunteering work: the first week we were in Kathmandu, renovating the boys’ dormitory in a deaf school; during the second week we did trekking in the Himalayan mountains; in the last week we were in another city – Pokhara – working with deaf children and adults from the age of three to twenty-five.

The best part of the trip for me was interacting with the Nepalese children and the fantastic view on top of Poonhill mountain. A bursary from the Peter Greenwood Memorial Trust helps me with funding my trip.

Georgie, second left volunteering in Nepal

Jake H, Kent

Dear PGMT,

I applied to the Peter Greenwood Memorial Trust last year for funding to help me to buy equipment such as a desktop (All in one PC) and books for the college to help me with my course.

Well, I would like to say that it is going so brilliant for me because I am getting the grades that I wanted and looking to apply Extended Diploma in Information Technology (IT) Level 3 course for September and I will do it for 2 years.

At the moment, I am getting 8 distinctions and one merit. I am pleased because of the equipment that is helping me.

I would highly recommend for deaf and hard of hearing students to apply because I feel it would help them to achieve as well, and it is definitely helping me a lot!

The course I am doing at the moment is Diploma in Information Technology (IT) Level 2 until the end of June 2018.

Kind regards,


Local fundraising – in any weather!

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PGMT trustees (left to right) Malcolm Robinson, Dave Marshall and Mike Pulford help with a collection at a rugby match between Bradford and Bingley and Alnwick in early January 2018.